Management Team

Luke Daniels, Owner

Luke began Daniels Vending in 1993, after working many years in the poultry industry. His past business experience and expertise and wisdom from the Lord have given him the vision to operate Daniels Vending as a strong company that cares for both its clients and employees. Luke has fully embraced the addition of technology to the vending industry and has been very excited by the positive changes he’s seen from both Cantaloupe and Lightspeed. He enjoys studying all of the information Cantaloupe has to offer, and has been impressed by the ability it has given him to manage many aspects of the business from home.

Deanna Daniels, Owner

Deanna began Daniels Vending with her husband Luke in 1993. She has been a great support to him and to the company throughout these years. Deanna is- both literally and figuratively- the “mother” of Daniels Vending, caring deeply for the business and each person involved in it. She ensures that all operations are running smoothly and handles any personnel matters that occur. Deanna, like Luke, has also been excited by the addition of technology to the business and is anxious to learn more about the valuable information it brings.


Tom Daniels, Vice President

Tom has been with Daniels Vending since it began in 1993. He is our human database of machine information- constantly recalling details for machines and accounts off-hand, even faster than our computer system is able to. Tom manages all service calls for our company, aiming to respond to each call within 24 hours. Tom is also responsible for machine installations, and will work with new clients to ensure all goes smoothly.



Megan O’Neil, General Manager


Megan O’Neil is the General Manager of Daniels Vending, LLC. She is the third generation in the business, which was started by her father, Tom, and grandfather, Luke, in 1993. Daniels Vending has been a part of Megan’s life since she was three years old, when product was delivered to her home garage. She helped in the office throughout her high school and college years and saw firsthand the complete workings of the vending business. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2012, Megan came back to fill a need at Daniels Vending. Much to her surprise, she fit the business and was able to show her skills in organization and management. She had a vision to bring Daniels Vending into the world of modern technology, and after careful consideration, suggested Cantaloupe. Megan works hand in hand with Tom, Luke, Todd, and all of Daniels Vending’s associates to help ensure Daniels Vending has a bright future.

Todd Carter, Sales and Operations Manager

Todd manages the daily operations at Daniels Vending, scheduling each driver on a route that ensures excellent service to each client. Todd is also our sales manager- handling both new and existing clients. Customer Service is our top priority at Daniels Vending, and Todd works diligently to make sure that each clients needs are thoroughly met. From his fellow employees to his customers, Todd’s dedication is always apparent, doing his best to ensure satisfaction at all levels of the business.


Keith Baynard, Machine Manager

Keith manages our parts and machines, making sure that each machine is in top condition before it is delivered to a customer. Keith has a background in the construction industry, and his expertise from this has enabled him to repair even our most challenging situations. Keith is always on the alert for improvements in all of our vending machines at every location, and his keen eye has helped keep us at the top of the industry.